inspiring people in our NORTH SHORE community & REGION

Lil Chrzan is a local talent whose light-infused oil paintings of the Pacific Northwest captured the hearts and imaginations of Tim and Tara years ago. Lil can transform a blank canvas to bring light and nature into any space, and indeed has done so for owners who enjoy their view of a Chrzan original in the absence of an actual vista. Lil's paintings of nearby shorelines, Gulf Island conifers, and the grasslands of the Bow-Edison region continue to delight Tara who admires all of these works by way of Lil's website. Featured in more than seventy art shows, Lil has been a contributor to Seymour Art Gallery (North Vancouver), The Ferry Building (West Vancouver), The Brackendale Art Gallery (Brackendale), Gallery West (Fairhaven, Wash.), and Van Dop Gallery (New Westminster) to name a few venues. She has been a mainstay of the annual Horseshoe Bay Art Walk and has donated generously to The Arts Umbrella Foundation with her recent success at the SPLASH silent auction, thereby sharing her passion for painting with young, aspiring artists.  In addition, Lil's works are featured at Lions Gate Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital.  When Tim is not gallivanting in the woods, and Tara is not climbing Mayne Island arbutus trees as she did as a child (to the chagrin of the trees), they can relish in the representations of these experiences by way of the exceptionally talented artist and fellow black lab lover, Lil Chrzan. Please visit Lil's website at