Buyer Beware - Property Disclosure Statements

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November 24th, 2015
Caveat Emptor: "Let the Buyer Beware". This is a powerful defence to most claims by purchasers of real estate that they were misled by the vendor as to the condition of the property.

But there are ways around caveat emptor. For example, where the purchaser requires the vendor to make an express representation as to the condition of the property, caveat emptor does not apply. Nor does it apply in situations where the vendor 'flipped' the house after doing shoddy, dangerous renovations. And it does not apply to fraud.

We recently secured a great result on a case on behalf of purchasers by overcoming a caveat emptor defence. Feel free to enquire to see if we can help you too!

Purchasers are, of course, well advised to secure an effective Property Disclosure Statement and have a competent home inspection done! Because not every property is built to last as long as Stonehenge!