Automated Vehicles and ICBC Personal Injury Claims

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October 28th, 2016
How are we going to approach ICBC personal injury claims in a world of automated vehicles?   

Driverless cars are going to become a reality. It is entirely feasible that we will be sharing the roads with vehicles that will be driven by advanced computer systems, receiving and transmitting real time information through Wi-Fi signals and via gps satellites. This raises a big question for the future of automobile insurance and ICBC Personal Injury Claims. Computers are entirely capable of making mistakes, are prone to viruses, hacking and to other attacks. When they are operating motor vehicles in complicated traffic conditions, car accidents can happen.
Under these circumstances, we believe the responsibility will lie with the human operator of the vehicle (If they have the ability to take control of the vehicle). We also assume that the manufacturer will be liable when personal injury is caused by computer error.
 “With regards to driver liability, common law, coupled with the current legislation, may be sufficient to address liability involving all levels of autonomous vehicles which do not require any level of human control.” - This quote comes from a report published by the Canadian Press entitled Autonomous Vehicles Revolutionizing Our World.
In the near future, computers will be performing at least some of our daily driving, and in the distant future may be living in a world where we are shuttled around by completely automated systems. We know, this is impressive and hard to imagine but just think presently we sue careless drivers on behalf of injured parties. These are ICBC personal injury claims. In the future, could such claims be a scenario where we are suing robots?
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